What Are the Equipment Used by Masonry Company?

The Things Your Masonry Should Have

A masonry company can choose from a wide variety of masonry tools to guarantee a solid structure for your home. The following are examples of such items:


This is a vehicle that holds the different types of materials needed for the construction process. The materials include bricks and different types of sand. Bricklayers use this to transport bricks to the site.


This is a vertical lift that is used to lift materials above ground level. It is also used to move materials from one place to another. The mason uses this to get the materials needed for the construction process.

Roofing Crew

This is a team of people who are in charge of installing masonry units on the roofs of residential or commercial properties. The materials they use are tiles, metal panels, and shingles.

Masonry Unit

This is a concrete block or stone that is used to form an integral part of a structure. It can range from walls, floors, and even stairs. The size, shape, and color of the material will depend on the type of structure being built.

Sand Truck

This is a vehicle that is used to transport sand and gravel. The sand is used to make the concrete stronger, while the gravel is used to fill in the gaps in the unit. The truck that contains both of these is usually a big vehicle.

Unloading Truck

Masons use this to transport the different materials used for the construction process. This is usually a small truck and is used for transporting materials from the truck to the construction site. There are different vehicles that have this type of feature.

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