How to Use Concrete Nail Gun Like a Professional Masonry Contractor

Concrete Nail Gun: A How-to Use One

It can be challenging for beginners to get their nails to go deep enough. Maybe the concrete is excessively hard, or the nail only partially penetrates the substance. Keep in mind that many factors, including the length of the nail, the thickness of the wood, the masonry surface’s hardness, and the volume of the powder load, will affect the depth of the nail. You can always rely on your trusted local masonry contractor for proper work and superior outcomes if you find it challenging to do. These are some considerations for using a concrete nail gun correctly.

Prepare the Nail

Use hearing protection and safety glasses. Ensure there is no powder load (cartridge) in the chamber by pointing the powder-actuated nailer downward and away from you. Instead of inserting the nail through the chamber like you would with a traditional handgun, place it at the end of the nailer’s barrel. The nail will pierce the barrel from the top. The nail should be pushed until its pointy end clears the end of the barrel.

Add the Powder Load

Place the powder load (shell cartridge) inside the chamber while it is open. The load will be narrowest near the tool’s barrel end. As instructed by the manufacturer, carefully and slowly slide the chamber close. This is known as the “semi-closed position” by one manufacturer, Ramset. This indicates that the two reference grooves on the barrel are almost aligned but do not quite line up.

Set up the Tool

The concrete nailer should be positioned 90 degrees perpendicular to your work surface. Once the two reference grooves on the nailer’s barrel have met, apply pressure. Now, the instrument is placed so that the firing pin will strike the shell cartridge.

Strike the Hammer

Strike the metal peg on the tool’s rear with a one-pound hammer hard once. When the tool fires, the nail will be released into the material. If the nailer won’t fire, strike it once more. Remove the charge and nail from the nailer if it only fires partially. Get rid of the charge and try again with a different one.

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